Why Open Maine Politics?

The Maine State House in Fall.  Photo Credit: Doris WibleAn Opening for Maine is an opportunity.  A Maine that is Open isn’t closed off.  When we Open Maine Politics, everyone has a seat at the table.

For most of Maine’s history, its state politics have been officially accessible but practically unavailable.  Before the internet age, information about the legislature was kept in side rooms and libraries at the State House in Augusta, making our collective decisions available only to those who had the time and money to stalk about the stacks.  In recent decades, the website of the Maine State Legislature has taken great strides toward making information about the Pine Tree State’s legislature, our legislation and our legislators available to all.  A few roadblocks remain, however:

  • Maine legislative information isn’t easily shared through e-mail, Facebook, Twitter or other forms of social media;
  • Maine legislative information isn’t easily mixed and downloaded for analysis by academics, journalists, citizen bloggers or the curious;
  • It isn’t easy for us to engage in conversation about legislation and legislators in the same environment where raw information is made available;
  • It isn’t easy for us to create, post and share our assessments of our legislators based on transparent and verifiable standards.

The Open Maine Politics project hopes to keep our state’s political discussion factually grounded and make that discussion more fully social.  If you share our goals, please join us and help open the conversation.

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  1. John Brautigam

    Nice work. I really appreciate what you are doing here. Very important new direction.

  2. Phil

    thank you and keep it coming

    1. James Cook (Post author)

      Thanks for the comment!

  3. Patty

    I look forward to more. Please keep factually grounded in the forefront. We have way too much rhetoric from both parties.


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