Apportionment Commission

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“Article IV, Part Third, section 1-A of the Constitution provides that the Legislature shall establish an Apportionment Commission within the first 3 calendar days after the convening of the Legislature in which apportionment is required. This Commission must develop, in accordance with the requirements of the Constitution, a plan for apportioning the House of Representatives, the Senate, or both. The apportionment plan of the Commission established under this section must be submitted to the Secretary of the Maine Senate (for the Senate apportionment) or the Clerk of the Maine House of Representatives (for the House apportionment) within 120 calendar days after the convening of the Legislature. The Legislature shall enact the submitted plan of the commission or a plan of its own by a vote of 2/3 of the Members of each House, within 30 calendar days after the plan of the Commission is submitted.”

Jurisdiction source: Department of the Secretary of State

Committee Members:

  • Rep. Joan Welsh of Rockport (D-46) — e-mail
  • Rep. Matthew Pouliot of Augusta (R-57) — e-mail | Twitter
  • Rep. Dennis Keschl of Belgrade (R-83) — e-mail | Twitter
  • Rep. Jeff McCabe of Skowhegan (D-85) — e-mail | Twitter
  • Rep. Mark Dion of Portland (D-113) — e-mail | Twitter
  • Rep. Amy Volk of Scarborough (R-127) — e-mail | Twitter
  • Rep. Wayne Parry of Arundel (R-140) — e-mail

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