Appropriations and Financial Affairs Committee

Official committee webpage:


  • General Fund appropriations and general fiscal policy
  • federal funds allocations
  • special revenue and block grant allocations
  • Budget Stabilization Fund
  • unappropriated surplus
  • bond issues
  • collective bargaining funding
  • review of revenue estimates
  • budgeting methodologies, review of financial orders
  • financial evaluation of agencies of state government
  • Maine Public Employees Retirement System
  • retirement eligibility and benefits for state and municipal employees, including teachers
  • judicial and legislative retirement systems

Jurisdiction source: Office of Policy and Legal Analysis

Committee Members:

  • Sen. James Hamper of Oxford (R-19) — e-mail
  • Sen. Roger Katz of Kennebec (R-15) — e-mail
  • Sen. Linda Valentino of York (D-31) — e-mail | Twitter
  • Rep. Margaret Rotundo of Lewiston (D-59) — e-mail
  • Rep. John Martin of Eagle Lake (D-151) — e-mail
  • Rep. Linda Sanborn of Gorham (D-26) — e-mail
  • Rep. Aaron Frey of Bangor (D-124) — e-mail
  • Rep. Erik Jorgensen of Portland (D-41) — e-mail | Twitter
  • Rep. Gay Grant of Gardiner (D-83) — e-mail
  • Rep. Tom Winsor of Norway (R-71) — e-mail
  • Rep. Robert Nutting of Oakland (R-77) — e-mail
  • Rep. Heather Sirocki of Scarborough (R-28) — e-mail
  • Rep. Jeffrey Timberlake of Turner (R-75) — e-mail
  • Cooperation in Committee:

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