Codebook: Legislator CSV File

The following codebook describes variable meanings associated with column labels in the legislators.csv file for the 126th Maine State Legislature of 2013-2014 provided by Open Maine Politics:

column label variable meaning
chamber House or Senate
district District number (999 for Native American representatives)
firstname First name
middlename Middle name or initial
lastname Last name
party Political Party (Democrat, Republican, Independent or Unenrolled)
county County
region Region
town Town
email E-mail
phone Phone
leadership Leadership title, if any
gender Gender
twitter Twitter handle
twittercurrent 1 if Twitter account was used during 2014
facebook Facebook handle
personalwebsite URL of non-official legislator website, if any
previousterms Number of previous terms
COMagric 1 if member of Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry Committee
COMapprop 1 if member of Appropriations and Financial Affairs Committee
COMcrime 1 if member of Criminal Justice and Public Safety Committee
COMeduc 1 if member of Education and Cultural Affairs Committee
COMenergy 1 if member of Energy, Utilities and Technology Committee
COMenviro 1 if member of Environment and Natural Resources Committee
COMhealth 1 if member of Health and Human Services Committee
COMinland 1 if member of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife Committee
COMinsurance 1 if member of Insurance and Financial Services Committee
COMjudiciary 1 if member of Judiciary Committee
COMlabor 1 if member of Labor, Commerce, Research and Economic Development Committee
COMmarine 1 if member of Marine Resources Committee
COMstate 1 if member of State and Local Government Committee
COMtax 1 if member of Taxation Committee
COMtrans 1 if member of Transportation Committee
COMveterans 1 if member of Veterans and Legal Affairs Committee
COMJRules 1 if member of Joint Select Committee on Joint Rules
COMJmainework 1 if member of Joint Select Committee on Maine’s Workforce and Economic Future
COMGov 1 if member of Government Oversight Committee
COMSenateConduct 1 if member of Senate Committee on Conduct and Ethics
COMSenBills2ndRead 1 if member of Senate Committee on Bills in the Second Reading
COMHouseBills2ndRead 1 if member of House Committee on Bills in the Second Reading
COMSenatorialVote 1 if member of Senate Committee on Senatorial Vote
COMSenateEngrossed 1 if member of Senate Committee on Engrossed Bills
COMHouseEngrossed 1 if member of House Engrossed Bills Committee
COMSenateRules 1 if member of Senate Committee on Senate Rules
COMHouseEthics 1 if member of House Ethics Committee
COMHouseRules 1 if member of Rules and Business of the House Committee
COMHouseElections 1 if member of House Elections Committee
COMHouseLeaves 1 if member of House Leaves of Absence Committee
COMapportionment 1 if member of Apportionment Commission

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