Environment and Natural Resources Committee

Official committee webpage: http://www.maine.gov/legis/house/jt_com/enr.htm


  • Air and water quality
  • natural resource protection
  • site location of development laws, shoreland zoning, subdivisions and growth management
  • management and disposal of solid, hazardous, biomedical and special wastes
  • hydropower and dams
  • waste-to-energy facilities
  • mining
  • general environmental policy, including oversight of the Department of Environmental Protection
  • and returnable containers

Jurisdiction source: Office of Policy and Legal Analysis

Committee Members:

  • Sen. Thomas Saviello of Franklin (R-17) — e-mail
  • Sen. Eric Brakey of Androscoggin (R-20) — e-mail | Twitter
  • Sen. Catherine Breen of Cumberland (D-25) — e-mail
  • Rep. Joan Welsh of Rockport (D-94) — e-mail
  • Rep. Robert Duchesne of Hudson (D-121) — e-mail
  • Rep. John Martin of Eagle Lake (D-151) — e-mail
  • Rep. Denise Harlow of Portland (D-36) — e-mail
  • Rep. Ralph Tucker of Brunswick (D-50) — e-mail
  • Rep. Richard Campbell of Orrington (R-130) — e-mail
  • Rep. Andrew Buckland of Farmington (R-113) — e-mail
  • Rep. Jeffery Hanley of Pittston (R-87) — e-mail
  • Rep. Dustin White of Washburn (R-146) — e-mail
  • Rep. Benjamin Chipman of Portland (D-40) — e-mail | Twitter
  • Cooperation in Committee:

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    1 Comment on "Environment and Natural Resources Committee"

    1. Marcia Harrington | March 14, 2019 at 7:58 am | Reply

      Honorable members:
      I regret that I cannot attend the hearing on LD 640, the bill introduced by Senator Brownie Carson requiring the Maine DEP to conduct an independent study on CMP’s proposed power line through Maine. However, I would like to express my strong SUPPORT for the legislation.
      To make a decision this important without having all the facts would be absurd. CMP has failed to forthrightly answer many questions. We need to get to the bottom many issues, including:
      • Whether or not new renewable energy is actually being generated; or whether they are just taking “clean” energy from Canadian customers and sending it to Massachusetts
      • The net present value of CMP’s payments to the state of Maine
      • What these payments are as a percentage of our needs in these areas (For ex. How much would CMP’s funding for heat pumps contribute as a percentage of overall funding)
      • An assessment of the damage to Maine’s forests of having a power line cutting through pristine areas of the state. There is evidence showing that once an initial “incursion” is made into virgin forests, there is an acceleration of further development. It’s a slippery slope!
      • Which Mainers stand to benefit and which to lose, given that our tourism industry depends on scenic, unspoiled vistas. What leaf peeper, kayaker, skier, bird watcher, snowmobiler, hunter or hiker wants to come across power lines and a marred landscape?

      My sense is that having more complete information in these areas would show the CMP deal to be a bad bargain for Maine.
      Thanks for your attention,
      Marcia Harrington, 71 Rossmore Rd
      Brunswick, ME 04011

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