HP: House Paper

In the Maine State Legislature, bills that are proposed by a member of the House of Representatives are given a label HP, short for House Paper.

The system of bill numbers can be confusing to the newcomer because bills have multiple numbers associated with them:

  • Before a bill is written in full form by legislative staff, it is submitted to the legislature as a LR, or legislative request, and LRs also have unique numbers used to track them.
  • For purposes of searching on the mainelegislature.org website, it is also useful to know the LD (Legislative Document) number of the bill, since some searches on the website require LD numbers and some searches require paper numbers. Most descriptions of a bill in formal deliberations and in the press refer to the LD number of a bill.
  • Finally, in the database on the mainelegislature.org website, some information about bills is referenced using a unique nine-digit number that refers neither to a LR, HP or LD.

To provide a concrete example, LD 135 in the 126th Maine State Legislature, a bill to require all legislative documents to be posted on the Internet, was also known as HP 110. Before it was assigned any bill number, it was known as LR 496. Roll call and sponsorship information associated with LD 135 is catalogued under the unique ID 280046503.