Health and Human Services Committee

Official committee webpage:


  • Department of Health and Human Services
  • Parts of the Dirigo Health Act, including the State Health Plan, the Maine Quality Forum and Advisory Council on Health Systems Development
  • Maine Health Data Organization
  • health and medical data
  • MaineCare, Medicaid, and Medicare Part D
  • children’s welfare and mental health services
  • childcare
  • public health and disease control
  • tobacco addiction prevention and control
  • sale of tobacco
  • prescription drugs
  • health care facilities and health care workforce
  • social and rehabilitation services
  • state health system planning
  • substance abuse
  • mental health
  • developmental and other disabilities
  • poverty, homelessness and public assistance
  • home and community-based long-term care
  • aging, elderly and disability issues
  • medical use of marijuana
  • maternal and infant health
  • nursing facilities and residential care

Jurisdiction source: Office of Policy and Legal Analysis

Committee Members:

Cooperation in Committee:

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