Maine State Representative Sara Gideon of Freeport, representing House District 48

Representative Sara Gideon

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In 2016, 72.8% of Mainers turned out at the polls. I think we can top that this November. Take a moment and request your absentee ballot today.… #mepolitics #GOTV

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Committees of which Rep. Gideon is a member:

Sponsored Bills:

  • LD 511: An Act To Permit a Licensed Sales Representative To Provide Spirits at an Approved Tasting Event
  • LD 695: An Act To Empower Parents in the Education of Their Children by Allowing an Opt-out from Standardized Assessments
  • LD 791: An Act To Amend the Laws Governing Wind Energy Development Permitting
  • LD 923: An Act To Create Jobs and Increase Consumer Wine Choice
  • LD 948: An Act To Harmonize Maine’s Laws Governing Toxic Chemicals in Children’s Products with Those of Other States
  • LD 1000: An Act To Define Prosthetic and Orthotic Devices for Purposes of the Sales Tax Law
  • LD 1063: An Act To Promote Community Broadband Planning and Strengthen Economic Opportunity throughout Maine
  • LD 1215: An Act To Provide Lower Energy Costs to Maine Businesses and Residences by Carrying Out the Legislature’s Intent Regarding Funding of the Efficiency Maine Trust
  • LD 1250: An Act To Reform Public Charter Schools
  • LD 1263: An Act To Create Jobs and Promote Investment in Maine’s Economy through Increased Access to Solar Energy
  • LD 1547: An Act To Provide Access to Affordable Naloxone Hydrochloride for First Responders
  • LD 1693: Resolve, Establishing the Commission To Study the Economic, Environmental and Energy Benefits of the Maine Biomass Industry

Bill Cosponsorship Partners

Every legislator works more often with some colleagues than with others. The following are the ten fellow legislators with whom Rep. Gideon has cosponsored legislation most often in the 127th Legislature:

District 48 in Context

Understanding the political actions of Representative Gideon in full context requires some information about the district she represents. The charts and graphs you see below draw from the 2009-2013 cycle of the American Community Survey, an ongoing project of the U.S. Census Bureau. Graphs describe details about both the kinds of community to be found in a legislative district and the experiences of people who live there.

To find more information about the county, town, congressional district or state legislative district in which you live, you may access the American Community Survey through the Census Bureau’s American FactFinder web page.

Travel Time to Work in House District 48:

Percent of District 48 Residents who are Veterans of the U.S. Military:

Educational Attainment of the Residents of House District 48:

Dependency Ratio in District 48:

Dependency ratio is a demographic term that refers to the number of people who are not of typical working age (0-14 or 65+ years old) for every 100 people who are of typical working age.

Sex Ratio: Number of Males per 100 Females in House District 48:

Campaign Finance Data for Rep. Gideon in the 2014 Election Cycle

(as categorized by the Maine Ethics Commission):

Source of Campaign Contributions for Rep. Gideon: Inside or Outside her District?

Includes all contributions for which addresses are provided. Does not include Maine Clean Elections Act funds.)

Source of Campaign Contributions for Rep. Gideon: Inside or Outside the State of Maine?

(Includes all contributions for which addresses are provided. Does not include Maine Clean Elections Act Funds)

Source of Campaign Contributions for Rep. Gideon: What Kind of Contributor?

Incorporated Groups (Businesses, Non-Profit Organizations, Political Action Committees, Party Committees, and other unregistered political groups) directly contributing to Rep. Gideon in the 2013-2014 election cycle: None

Representative Gideon is a registered officer of the Gideon Leadership PAC, a “leadership PAC” that collects contributions from outside sources and sends them on to Maine state legislative candidates and political party groups. The Gideon Leadership PAC led by Rep. Gideon received campaign contributions from the following sources in the 2014 election cycle:

In The News…

Recent news stories featuring Representative Gideon:

This information was last updated on 2016-05-07.

The Open Maine Politics website is in a beta release and results should be checked against current data at the the official website of the Maine State Legislature.

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