Maine LD 73: An Act To Increase Weight Allowances for Farm Trucks


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Principal Sponsor: Rep. Russell Black of Wilton: (R – District 114) — e-mail

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1/20/2015 House Committee on Transportation suggested and ordered printed.
The Bill was REFERRED to the Committee on TRANSPORTATION.
Sent for concurrence. ORDERED SENT FORTHWITH.
1/22/2015 Senate On motion by Senator Collins of York, REFERRED to the Committee on Transportation, in concurrence.
4/23/2015 Senate Pursuant to Joint Rule 310.3 Placed in Legislative Files (DEAD)

Bill Text


An Act To Increase Weight Allowances for Farm Trucks

Be it enacted by the People of the State of Maine as follows:

Sec. 1. 29-A MRSA 505, sub- 2-A, W, as enacted by PL 2001, c. 671, 8, is amended to read:

W. For gross weight from 65,001 to 69,000 100,000 pounds, the fee is $469.

Sec. 2. 29-A MRSA 505, sub- 3, as amended by PL 1999, c. 472, 2, is further amended to read:

3. Maximum weight. The maximum registered weight of a farm truck is 69,000 100,000 pounds, including product. The fine for exceeding the registered gross weight of a farm truck is the difference between the fee for a farm truck and a commercially registered truck or truck tractor within the category of the actual weight at the time of the violation.


This bill raises the maximum allowable weight for farm trucks to 100,000 pounds.

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