Open Maine Politics Privacy Policy

Open Maine Politics does not directly alert you of changes to its privacy policy.  However, we don’t plan to change our privacy policy, and you may always read the current policy here.
Open Maine Politics allows you to:

  • Access all of your data
  • Export all of your data

Interested?  Just ask!  E-mail us with a request:

This website only collects and uses data about politicians that is already publicly available.  We try to name all the sources of our data, but if you think we’ve missed disclosure of data sources, please let us know by e-mailing

This website only collects three pieces of information about you, the visitor:

  • using a cookie, the name of the website you came to us from and the names of the websites you visited;
  • your IP address, if you leave a comment;
  • any information you e-mail to us in communication or share with us by posting a comment.

Other than through e-mail communications, we do not collect any personally identifying information about you.

Open Maine Politics:

  • may be collecting data about you (your IP address, your see above) for purposes of research. We are affiliated with the University of Maine at Augusta and may describe in academic papers the way in which you participate in the website.
  • However, we will never sell or trade visitors’ data to any other person or corporation, and we will only supply your data to law enforcement if legally required to do so (see below).
Open Maine Politics does not encrypt your data.
Legal Requests for Data:

  • When Open Maine Politics receives an informal phone call, letter, or other legally insufficient request for your data, we don’t comply because the law requires the government to take additional steps before getting your data.
  • Open Maine Politics will not release your data to the government unless required to do so by law and unless the government follows the full legal process to compel that data from us.
Remember: Your Public Activity is Public As you participate, please remember that all comments and ratings you make here at Open Maine Politics are public.  Anyone can see them.  Anyone can read them.  Open Maine Politics can’t prevent anyone from copying them and sharing them widely.

  This privacy policy uses icons thought up by the students at Yale University’s Privacy Simplified project.

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